Waste Water Sites

At a waste water site, we consult with our client what type of piping and material is needed and where exactly they need their valves and tanks. After we discuss with the contractor what needs to be done, we provide a welding estimate with all the materials and labor. We will send a team of welders to start the fabrication project.

Tanks, Pipe Tie-ins, etc.

We also do pipe tie-ins which help connect pipes on a job site. We are often hired to weld waste water tanks as well as tank repairs. Typically the tanks are stainless steel but can also be other types of materials. The tanks may consist of waste tanks, mixing tanks, overflow tanks, bio tanks, as well as others.

The Tools

The tools we use on wastewater sites consist of our welding trucks which we prep before hand for any large project that is required of us. We will equip plasma cutters for cutting stainless steel. Welding Rods specific to the metal’s needs whether it is SMAW (stick), TIG, or MIG welding. And we will also carry hand-held and power tools for any installation of flanges and valves.

If you have a wastewater pipe or tank project, give us a call!