Oil & Gas Industry

Well Heads

For well head installation, we will survey the ground level, measure the conductor, cut the conductor to the right height, and weld the well head in place.

Rig Moves

A lot of things can get changed or damaged on a rig move so we are on-call for on-site welding repair or changes that you may have.

Rebuilding Drive Works

When an oil company changes their drive works, the company may have some structural changes to the existing drive works so it can fit properly in it’s new form. Elevation Fabrication can be on-site in no time to help assist with this to keep the project moving forward.

Flow lines

Flowlines are always being changed or moved and oftentimes you will end up either short on pipe or configuration will not match the previous rig set-up. In this situation, we are able to add length to the flow-lines, change direction of the flow-line, allowing you to have any configuration you need for your specific rig set-up.


If you need any pipes or tanks tied together during the post-drilling process, definitely give us a call.

Mud lines

Mudlines tend to also be changed with every rig move and in doing so you need a certified, trustworthy welder to take care of the high pressure lines. We can add any length or change any direction of the mud lines or chokes and make the rig set-up as customizable as needed.

Structural Rebuilds

This is a very big part of keeping an oil rig stable and functioning correctly, whether it is patching holes in a derrick or changing an I-Beam structure below the deck/cellar. We can do anything from complete rebuilds of the top drive to adding access ports or holes into the side of the cellar.

Handrails and Stairs

Handrails and stairs on an oil rig are just asking to get bent or broken. You can have us out there at any time, 24 hours 7 days a week, and you can feel confident in knowing that we are available to promptly add, fix, repair any handrail or stairs on the rig.

Mud Tanks

Mud tanks are always changing whether the engineers have a new way of sending mud through them or you have a rust hole, crack, or break. We understand the functionality of the mud tanks and how important it is to have the a functioning system. Whether it is repairing the mixers or climbing in the tanks to repair cracks or holes, our team of welders will know precisely how to fabricate a solution.

Gas Flares

When it comes to gas flares, you want our trust and resourcefulness for your welding needs. Having experience building these flares gives us an edge over the competition.

Water Tanks

Just like many things on an oil rig, water tanks are susceptible to rust, breaks, and damage. In this process we can be there to patch, add flanges, or simply, fix cracks. In the event, that you need more we can fulfill those needs.

Frac Tanks

We offer solutions to your frac tanking needs to ground off builds to simple repairs.