Mobile Repair Work

No matter the situation, Elevation Fabrication can get to your location in no time to provide quick repair work to whatever you need. We do our best to complete a quality welding service that lasts.

Fleet Services

For mobile repair work, Elevation Fabrication has had many experiences with trucking companies and heavy equipment companies who tend to have unforeseen welding needs. We specialize in emergency calls for truckers who need welding assistance and over the road fabrication repairs. We also have many years of welding experience working on heavy equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, haul trucks, etc.

Hardfacing Services

Hardfacing is the best way to guarantee life out of your wear services whether is is the piece on the excavating bucket, blade on a bulldozer, or the gate on a haul truck. By adding hard face to your existing machine, you guarantee a longer life for the tooling.

Bucket and Claw Rebuilds

Buckets, claws, and blades are all susceptible to damage in many ways, we can provide welding services to repair broken or cracked tooling as well as engineering solutions for specific designs for each tool.

Frame Support and Rebuilds

Both trucking companies and equipment companies suffer a loss when their frames crack or break. But do not worry, Elevation Fabrication has a solution! We are able to cut out an existing break or fish plate an existing crack before it becomes a break. Our team of certified welders are the most trusted when it comes to getting your equipment or truck back into operation.

Customization Needs for Mobile Welding and Fabrication Repair

For fleet companies as well as heavy equipment companies there is always something you wish you could do that you might not be able to accomplish. Taking that into consideration, we are able to make changes to existing equipment as well as fabricate new attachments that will fulfill your desired tasks. From specialty shaped buckets and blades to customized ramps and tommy gates, we’ve got you covered.