Custom Fabrication

Elevation Fabrication provides custom work solutions for any type of project. We weld, cut and bend all types of metals. Our knowledge of mechanical solutions goes beyond simple metal fabricating and we can provide quick solutions that last. We have welder certifications for ASME pressure pipe welding and structural welding.

A One-Stop Welding Shop

Elevation Fabrication is an economical solution with a personalized, one-stop service for your next custom fabrication project. If you are looking for custom work from retro-fitting to frames for street rods and off-road vehicles or even hydraulic trailers, we can handle the job. We also provide product welding and can produce any type of fabricated product solution. Whether it’s a high number of one product or a one-off solution to a customer problem, we can provide custom engineering solutions per customer per job.

Certified Structural Welding

Whether you are needing a catwalk put in or a complete building addition, Elevation Fabrication can provide you complete commercial welding services.

Tank Fabricating

This can be anything from high pressure vessels, low pressure storage tanks, or liquid or gas. We can provide the weld with or without flanges, valves, or fittings and a completely customizable configuration of each tank.

Type of Material Most Often Used in Welding:

Carbon steel, Stainless steel , Aluminum, Alloy metals, Cast iron, Black iron

The following three welding services can be used interchangeably, but we have provided a description for their more common uses:

Gas Metal Arch Welding
(GMAW or MIG Welding)

This type of welding is perfect for mass producing, product line, parts, and in-shop production. If you have a smaller project or looking for time efficiency, we recommend this type of fabrication.

Gas Tungsten Arch Welding
(GTAW or TIG Welding)

TIG is used most often for welding in Clean Room Environments andfor materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and the occasional mild steel. It’s perfect for precision welding and overall appeal.

Shielded Metal Arch Welding
(SMAW or Stick Welding)

Stick welding is perfect for mobile, transportable welding. It is one of the most common in-field welding services. If you are looking for high penetration, certifiable welds for structure and pipeline services, definitely consider stick welding. It has been a proven method for many, many years.