Wal-Mart Water Plant

Every once in a while we will receive a unique call that requires a bit of problem solving as well as skilled labor. Recently we were contacted by Carlson construction, who at the time, were the lead contractor for a waste water treatment facility to be built on the Wal-Mart distribution property. They were in need of a skilled team of welders and fabricators to take care of their needs. Elevation Fabrication was just that team. We were able to provide everything from pipe welding to structural welding. Our crew built and helped design parts such as, roof access ladders and cages, catwalk systems to be suspended over mixing tanks, steel door jams, 12″ schedule 80 vent pipes, and many Stainless steel pressurized water pipes of all sizes. Every part of this job had to be either completed using stainless steel material or coated using a hot dip galvanizing process to ensure that all parts would stand the test of time. After everything was said and done Elevation Fabrication was very proud to be given the opportunity to work on such a unique project.